Responsive website design, creation and development

AD Solutions relies on 20 years of experience in design and advertising to customize websites. Our team creates websites that match your corporate identity. When we develop a website, it is a collaboration with your organization. We want to develop a website that has the look and feel that you want. We also want to make it practical for your customers. We can create or modify almost anything you need including cms templates, backgrounds, graphics, logos, animations, video and more.

Responsive website design

Your website needs to capture a potential buyer’s attention within 5 seconds, and keep it. A professional looking site with good content and sharp website design will keep the user on your site longer. It is important to make sure that your website works across all platforms. Your website needs to be responsive to desktops, tablets and phones. People are no longer tied to web surfing from their home computer. The growth in tablets and smart phones has required web designers to keep up with technology. We will ensure that your website works on all platforms.

We can also write website copy as part of our website creation process. We have a team that can create web copy that tells your story and is optimized for search engines. A great looking website is nothing if your customers can’t find it. We can also create custom graphics. We frequently work with clients that do not have brochures or logos. Minimal marketing that is needed to help you stand out. Ask yourself, can you afford to look like everyone else?

Custom website creation

Our websites are designed by graphic artists and programmers to ensure your website is good looking and also written with precise code. We pay attention to every detail right down to graphic borders and shadows. You may have the best products and services but if your website doesn’t reflect that, you will miss out on potential new clients.

Effective websites can turn browsers into buyers. They can do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Make sure your website has an eye-catching design and reflects the image of your organization.

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